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Estate Services and Insurance Appraisals

Estate Services and Insurance Appraisals

Our Jewelry/Watch Appraisal Services

An appraisal is a complete evaluation, by an expert, of an piece of jewelry or a watch.  Our team of watchmakers, jewelers, GIA certified Gemologists and GIA certified diamond experts work together to provide our clients with the most accurate appraisal information possible.

Jewelry pieces have both sentimental and material value so Holsten Jewelers is pleased to provide you with a jewelry appraisal for these items. We make sure that the description always includes the most useful and important details.  

Details including a full evaluation of the metal, the style and process in which it was made, the shape that it takes, and the content in regards to diamonds and other precious gemstones including their carat weight, color, cut and clarity are crucial to show the material value for insurance companies as well as detailing the piece for ease in replacing the item.  

The same can be said for a watch appraisal.  Our team will gather information on date of production, materials used for production, and current fair market value to give as fair a value on your watch as possible.

Since precious metals and precious stones are commodities, with prices that are constantly fluctuating, it is important that you have regular updates on your pieces to keep your insurance current and up to date. Once your appraisal is complete, we save it into our computer database, making it easy to update so that you are never paying too much or too little for your insurance premiums.


For any questions you may have concerning our appraisal services please give us a call at 914-472-4554 and we will be happy to answer any and all questions!