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Welcome to the Holsten Jewelers Diamond Search!



Choose the shape of the stone you would like, then pick the carat size range.


If you know the budget you would like to dedicate to your diamond, enter it, if you're not sure what the stone you are looking for costs, just proceed to the next steps (you'll find out what it costs)


Use the slider to adjust the color (we usually see a range of F to I color diamonds, all near white in color) and clarity (we normally see a range from VVS2 quality diamonds to SI1, all "clean" to the naked eye with no visible imperfections)


As for the "cut - polish - symmetry" slides, the higher up the scale (Excellent to Very Good) this grade is, the more perfectly "made" the diamond is and will shine brighter than a stone with a lower grade in these categories.


The laboratory that has graded a particular stone speaks to the authenticity of the information stated on the "certificate." We encourage buyers to research each company to find what is best for you, what is best to preserve the authenticity of information, and which certificate will preserve the value of your diamond the best.

When you get through these steps, you're ready to find your perfect diamond! If you were not sure about your budget, filling in the other categories will show you what the stone you want costs. If you have a specific budget in mind, enter the budget range and you will see what you can get for your money.
When you find a stone you would like, simply hit Learn More and then send us a question about that particular stone. We will follow up with you shortly!