White Orchid 6 Compartment Plate by Michael Aram


SKU: 702-00218

10.25"W x 11.25"L x 2.25"H; Nickelplate, Stainless Steel

The Michael Aram White Orchid Collection illuminates the ethereal spirit of the orchid flower. Evocative of purity, delicacy, femininity and grace, the white metal version offers a strikingly different appeal than its black counterpart. While the sculpture is just as exuberant and detailed, in white, these flowers take on a simplicity that is completely unique.

There is a sense of lightness, freshness and even innocence – each petal seemingly untouched and pure."Orchids naturally emit a sense of sensuality and seductiveness, but in white nickel they take on a completely different meaning – an element of brightness that I associate with new beginnings. When I think of white orchids, I imagine the purity and sweetness of a newborn child, or a newlywed couple at the beginning of their lifelong journey."

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