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Jewelry Services

Jewelry Services


Zadik, our jeweler has been repairing jewelry here for two decades. He specializes in sizing, soldering,  and wax models. He also repairs costume jewelry as well.



The latest in jewelry repair technology that allows us to now repair items that were not repairable in the past. This includes vintage pieces, eye glasses and even costume jewelry.



We offer the finest sterling silver repair including polishing, removing dents, scratches, stains and salt marks as well as silver and gold plating. We also repair and re-plate silver plated items.



We offer the finest hand engraving in the industry, as well as machine engraving of most metal items, such as rings, watches, ID and medical bracelets, charms and monogram necklaces. We also offer a wide range of engraveable photo frames for many occasions, including celebrating a new birth or wedding. There is no better way to truly personalize a gift or to remember that special occasion.



Whether it is to ensure proper care of your pearl necklace or to repair a broken beaded bracelet. Holsten’s has a highly skilled stringer for all your pearl and bead string needs. All re-stringing is completed in a prompt manner. Pearl and bead stringing is a delicate art, it is important to note the precision and care with which the stringer performs their task.


Computer aided design (cad):

Our Cad design provides the tools to design virtual 3D jewelry on screen and create photo-realistic images of your designs.



Tired of the look of your jewelry? We offer design and remount services that can take that our-of-fashion piece and turn it into something truly fantastic!



We offer free jewelry cleaning and inspection. Remember, gold is soft and prongs need to be checked to avoid losing your precious stones. Your prongs should be checked every four to five months.


For Questions about these services or more give us a call at 914-472-4554