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Watch Services




Our watchmakers have been servicing watches for the last three decades. From the highest grade Swiss handmade watch, to your every day "knockaround" watch, our team can handle any watch related issues, large or small, be it complete overhauls to movements or sizings of leather straps as well as metal bracelets.


Battery Replacement and Quartz movements:  

The most common issue in watchmaking...battery replacement.

We take pride in going the extra mile to ensure any quartz movement (battery powered) watch is in the ideal condition to accept a new battery, extending the life of the battery and the watch.  

Our team of skilled watchmakers also do quartz conversions (vintage, manually wound, watches can have their movements replaced with battery operated movements for ease of use).


Automatic and manually Wound Watches

Where a quartz movement is powered by a battery, any good watchmaker truly gets into his or her element when a selfwinding (automatic) or manual (hand wound) watch comes around.  Our team of highly skilled watchmakers can perform services, large or small, to all kinds of automatic or manual watches.  

Are you losing/gaining time?  Does it seem like the watch is stopping/running down faster then it used to?  Is something  It is probably time for a service to your watch.  Keeping automatic and manual watches serviced will prevent these types of issues.  

Watches left unserviced for years at a time are more susceptible to have parts break, which becomes a much larger issue that is easily prevented with our service programs.


Bring your watch in to Holsten Jewelers and our team of highly experienced watchmakers will keep your watch in tip top shape!  


Have a question about your watch or any of our services?  

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