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Wolf 1834

Stay Precise, Stay Timeless.


A British icon since 1834, WOLF continues to command attention in the luxury leather-goods market, designing the world’s most exquisite watch winders, watch boxes, and jewellery cases. Family led for five generations, WOLF maintains their quality craftsmanship year after year, distinguishing themselves from others with their superior patented technology and sophisticated design.


A WOLF winder is a handmade precision instrument. From the optimum size of drum and cuff to the technology that delivers exact turns per day, they test the tests to ensure the highest possible quality – nothing is left to chance. A WOLF winder focuses on the health of your watch with patented innovation. This patent includes their invented algorithms and technology as to how the turns are counted. Only a WOLF counts rotations – all others simply use time to estimate the counts per day. With 184 years of innovation, WOLF knows that relying on time is simply never enough.